Costello Adjustment & Appraisal

Educate Yourself

At Costello Adjustment we provide free consultations to educate homeowners on their insurance policy and how to protect themselves from a potential loss.  In the event you suffer a loss it is important that you have representation to protect your interests. Our certified and bonded public adjusters handle every aspect of your claim for a contingency fee. Your insurance company will send out a professional adjuster on their behalf to assign a monitary amount for your damages. You deserve to have a professional adjuster on your side to negotiate your claim. 

Home Inspection

Home Inspection You can schedule your free home inspection today! We will come to your home and inspect it for potential problems and advise you on the steps you can take to protect yourself and your property from possible damage. Based on your assessment we will provide you with an estimated cost for pro-active repairs. This allows you to compare prices and make an educated decision on the contractor of your choice.

Policy Review

Did you know your insurance company can penalize you for being under insured? We offer free policy reviews to verify that you are properly insured and ensure you are not overpaying a premium or deductible.

Read Our Reviews

At Costello Adjustment it is important that to us that we establish a trusting relationship with our clients. Your recommendation to your friends and love ones is our greatest compliment.